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Urban Paradise Guild founder Sam Van Leer – #YouWowMe 4

“I have no personal life Liam.  I have a full-blown obsession with UPG.”  And that accurately describes Sam Van Leer’s passion and complete dedication to the environmental non-profit, Urban Paradise Guild (UPG), he founded nearly five years ago. Three years ago I volunteered to photograph one of UPG’s service projects at Vizcaya and was immediately […]

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Beth Geduld - Wonderful pictures

Browse Liam’s Portraits of Prominent People

Liam P. B. Crotty is one of the most talented and accomplished Miami Photographers in South Florida, whose dedication to his clients has allowed him to meet and photograph some of the most high-profile individuals in the world, from U.S. senators to famous musicians. In fact, his award-winning works have appeared in dozens of periodicals, […]

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Myra “Obey Yo Momma” Wexler – The Arts Diva of Miami – #YouWowMe 3

“Lots of great sex!” was the 3rd sentence Myra Wexler said to me within 6o seconds of meeting her a little over three years ago.  To put that in context, she was answering my question, “How do you stay so youthful?” Myra Wexler is a force.   She is a self-described “Arts Maven” but to be […]

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Charna Greenstein - I’ve known Myra since the early 1960′s. I don’t remember our first encounter but I do recall what an amazing, dynamic person she was, even back then. I’ve long since moved away from Miami but whenever I’ve gone back to visit, I always think of Myra and if I’m lucky, she fits me into her busy schedule. Myra — you’re the bomb!

Stacy Conde - I was at an event in DCOTA when I saw this amazing creature with spiked white hair sitting comfortably in an armchair of sorts. She was surrounded by people, admirers, attendants, the anti-diva holding court. I was wearing cocoa colored lipstick, which she forever refers to as black, her eyes focused in on me. That was it, mutual fascination at first sight. Instantly, she wanted to know my life story. I dared not ask hers, yet. It was clear she was the interviewer and I was being interviewed. Since then, I have seen this scene played out over and over. Myra is fascinated by people in general, but there is a real love in her for the artists. Her passion is palpable and her compassion is legendary. Myra Wexler is a mensch, and I love her with all my heart.

Andres Conde - I was in the studio when she walked in. Looking hella cool she looked at my work and snapped a couple of shots. When we were introduced, she looked me up and down, and flashing a crooked smile, pointed to Stacy Conde and said “…So, you’re the one banging her!” That was the moment I knew I had found “the other woman in my life”. Love Yo Momma baby, love Yo Momma!

Lloyd Goradesky - Although I was introduced to ‘Yo Mama’ Myra a while ago, I never really ‘met’ her until I listened to her have a conversation with my ageing mother about the good ol’ days of south beach during art basel miami 2013

Alicia Hart - Impressive Woman :)

Robert Platshorn – America’s most notorious marijuana smuggler

On Wednesday I found myself sharing Cuban coffee and empanadas with America’s most notorious pot smuggler, Robert Platshorn, while listening to his incredible stories including being held at gunpoint by a Colombian National Army lieutenant on a remote airstrip in the Colombian jungle. Robert is a natural story-teller (and I should know because I grew […]

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Miami Family Portrait Photography at The Kampong

On Monday I did a fun family portrait photo shoot at The Kampong National Botanical Tropical Garden just down the street from my home in Coconut Grove.  If you’ve never visited The Kampong, I definitely recommend it.  Beautiful scenery and it’s right on Biscayne Bay.  My neighbor, Susana, and her children Alex and Jason utilized […]

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Miami Family Portrait Photography – Jean, Len, Charlie & Pearl

Over the years I have donated many family portrait packages to various non-profit charities. Jean & Len won this package in a silent auction to benefit the Coconut Grove Sailing Club. One of my favorite aspects of family portraits is when dogs are involved.  This time Charlie & Pearl did very well Follow my latest […]

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Jose the award-winning track cyclist – #YouWowMe 1

Jose Basulto is my first photo subject for my project #YouWowMe – portraits of inspirational people. Jose is one of those people who at age 49 has already done much in his life that is inspirational: Has been a competitive cyclist since the mid-1980′s Two-time Texas State Match Sprint Champion Broze Medalist at 1993 Masters […]

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Tour de Cure – South Florida & the Florida Velodrome Association

Last weekend I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot for the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure – South Florida in conjunction with the Florida Velodrome Association. You’ll notice in the photos the team leader, Jose Basulto, dressed in red (the official “Red Rider” shirt of the Tour de Cure) is featured prominently […]

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