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Coconut Grove Drum Circle founder - Karen Deilke - #YouWowMe 5 | Liam Crotty Photography

Coconut Grove Drum Circle founder – Karen Deilke – #YouWowMe 5

Coconut Grove Drum Circle Founder – Karen Deilke – #YouWowMe 5

Coconut Grove Drum Circle Founder – Karen Deilke – #YouWowMe 5

As more and more people hear about my upcoming photography exhibit “#YouWowMe” – Portraits of truly inspirational people, I receive great recommendations on who I should include.  Friend and Miami writer, Maria de Los Angeles, suggested I profile artist Karen Deilke who founded the Coconut Grove Drum Circle.

And in all honesty, my luke-warm response to Maria was something like, “A drum circle?  Really?”  I’m so glad Maria replied, “Liam — just trust me.  Attend it one evening and you’ll know what I’m talking about.”  So I did.  And Maria was right.  Wow, what a wonderful experience.

So what’s so special about this drum circle?  It begins with diversity.  It really connects our diverse community and includes, as Karen describes, one of everything:  babies, young children, hipsters, attorneys, seniors and a wide range of ethnic backgrounds all speaking a common tongue: music.  Everyone is welcome and it’s totally free.  The night I attended the age range was from about 6-months – 75 years.  We had someone drumming from a wheel chair.  And the hoopers?!  Yes, many people dance and hoola hoop.

After you notice the diversity, you see how people are literally transported in the circle.  Everyone forgot their daily lives and lost themselves in the music.  My favorite part was an elegant couple walking by with their young daughter after dinner.  Instinctively without hesitation the daughter jumped in and started “hooping.”  After just 3 minutes the Mom jumped in as well in stiletto heels and black cocktail dress.

Karen Deilke is the 5th in my #YouWowMe portraits.

About four and a half years ago Karen along with Mark Richards started the drum circle and about 6 people attended.  Now anywhere between 100-200 people attend the circle held the first Saturday of the month from about 7:30pm -11pm currently located at the intersection of Grand Avenue & Commodore Plaza Road.

This has become an all-day event for Karen and her husband Richard who set up 20 drums, 20 stools, tambourines and various hand instruments, water and bring their infectious enthusiasm.

So, why does Karen do this?  For free, with no formal support from the city or any organization?  In a classic “Pay-It-Forward” spirit, she told me, “I wanted to give something to the Grove because it’s given so much to me.”

Watch and listen Karen explain her inspiration for the drum circle:

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