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“Follow your bliss” – Pablo Cano – #YouWowMe 10 | Liam Crotty Photography

“Follow your bliss” – Pablo Cano – #YouWowMe 10

#YouWowMe 10 – Pablo Cano

When I asked Cuban artist Pablo Cano for words of inspiration that he would pass on to the next person, he didn’t hesitate for a second: “In the words of Joseph Campbell, you must follow your bliss.”

And those words took me back 23 years ago when I was living with two roommates in a huge, dilapidated and drafty beach house right on the Long Island Sound in Milford, CT.  My roommate, Jae, had all of Joseph Campbell’s interviews with Bill Moyers on VHS (yes, I said it) and would watch them for hours, sometimes days.  Of course, I started watching and was also hooked on Campbell.

What do you think of those words of inspiration?

#YouWowMe is my next photography exhibit of portraits with words of inspiration.

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