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Best Portrait Photographers in Miami | Liam Crotty Photography

Great looking business headshots in Miami

Meet Miami Portrait Photographer

Liam Crotty

Liam has had private portrait sessions with dozens of prominent people, including:

  • Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez
  • Governor John Baldacci
  • Former Ambassador to Canada, Governor and DNC Chairman Kenneth M. Curtis
  • United States Senator Susan Collins
  • Two-time Tony award-winning Actor Russell Nype
  • The “Godfather of Punk Rock” Iggy Pop
  • Cesar Millan The Dog Whisperer
  • Grammy-nominated jazz legend Leo Casino
  • New York magazine’s senior art critic, Jerry Saltz
  • Museum of Art – Ft. Lauderdale Ex. Director, Irvin Lippman
  • Miami art gallery owner & dealer, Bernice Steinbaum
  • New York City street artist NOBODY
  • Red Sox affiliate team – the Portland Sea Dogs
  • Miss Teen Maine Michelle Smith
  • Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez
  • Muralist and former America’s Cup Artist John Gable
  • Eric Weinrich, Portland Pirates Asst. Coach & Former NHL Player
  • MacArthur Foundation “Genius” Grant Recipient Ted Ames
  • Emmy award-winning news anchor Cindy Roesel.
  • Four-time NASCAR champion Dick McCabe
  • Miami marionette artist Pablo Cano
  • Art critic and Pulitzer-nominated poet, Ricardo Pau-Llosa
  • Maine humorist and former CBS News correspondent Tim Sample.
  • UMaine head coach and former WNBA player Cindy Blodgett
  • Yogi, author and musician Bhagavan Das.
  • Yogi Amrit Desai.

Pricing? You have 3 options:

option-oneWe bring the studio to you
If you want a “studio” look, we can bring our portable studio to you to do headshots, 3/4 shots and full-body photography for your portfolio. This photo of actor Joe Foster on the left was done with our portable studio. We can set up the “studio” in a surprisingly small area and have a variety of colored backdrops based on what you like.

option-twoOutside photo shoot in a park or beach
This is the most popular option because, well, we’re in Miami! Everyone wants to shoot outside. There are just so many great locations in Miami-Dade. As part of your photo shoot fee to us, we include a location discussion. We’ve got many ideas depending on what you like.

option-threeYou come to us in Coconut Grove
We can do your headshot in our in-home studio or outside in a nearby park. This is the most affordable option for people who want a professional photo shoot without spending a lot of money.

Get professionally “airbrushed” all included

Included with all acting & modeling photo shoots, we will do standard editing on your images: cropping, exposure, white balance, contrast, red eye correction, skin softening and eye & teeth whitening. Image altering is available at an additional fee: slimming/thinning, tattoo removal, neck tucks, etc.

You’ve come to the right place.

Questions? Call or text us now at 305-333-6388