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Miami Street Photographer - Disney Madness! | Liam Crotty Photography

Miami Street Photographer – Walt Disney madness!

Miami Street Photographer - Disney Madness!

Miami Street Photographer – Disney Madness!

Title: “Walt Disney Madness!”
December 23, 2014
Fine art print on archival-quality textured watercolor parchment
Final print dimensions:  20″ x 28″ (this includes a 2″ white border around the photo).
Photo dimensions: 16″x24″
1/2 – One of two.  This is a signed, numbered, limited edition print of only two
Never to be printed again.
Price:  $250 (un-framed).        $409  (framed in a one inch, black wood frame, with no glare plexi, and a one inch white matte board)
Shipping available – please inquire

Description:    When my brother called to say we should all meet up at Disney World last month for Christmas vacation, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to do some street photography.  Little did I know how chaotic Disney would be the week of Christmas!  Frenetic crowds everywhere.  The expression on this man’s face represents just how overwhelming it can be: pure panic.  Standing amid a sea of rushing families, he’s clutching onto his map as if it were a life-preserver.

So, what is an original, two-of-a-kind, fine art print, , 1/2 ?  Read more here.


Would you like this framed or un-framed?

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