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Doisneau Paris - A Street Photographer's Review | Liam Crotty Photography

Robert Doisneau Paris – A Street Photographer’s Review

Video Transcribed:

“Hi, This is Liam Crotty, Street Photographer in Miami, and today we’re going to do a quick review of Robert Doisneau Paris. As you can see in the background, this is my favorite Doisneau photograph. I actually bought this poster my freshmen year in college when I was doing a lot of photography, this one photo has had more affect on my street photography than any other photo I’ve seen in my whole life. What I love that goes on here is the energy and the motion. Yes it’s slightly out of focus but you see the motion in it, you see the energy and ever since seeing this first photograph, that’s all I wanted to do was street photography. This book, it’s a great book if you want inspiration for street photography. Doisneau is considered one of the first classic, original parisian street photographers and this is probably one of his best books. Its 560 photos, it’s published by Flammarion. What I like about this is it’s not just the photos, but there is a brief introduction in Doisneau’s own words here, and then throughout the book, he will have photos and on alternating pages there would be brief quotes explaining what he did with the photographs which I really like. It’s not really a biographical book it’s really more a coffee picture  table book but it’s great inspiration if you wanna do street photography.”





Doisneau book review by Liam Crotty


Robert Doisneau (April 14, 1912 – April 1st, 1994) was a well known French photographer. He is mostly  known for his 1950 image Le baiser de l’hôtel de ville (Kiss by the Town Hall), a photograph of a couple kissing in the busy streets of Paris. Doisneau was and still is an inspiration to many street photographers throughout the world.