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The Miami Art Scene’s Kat Wagner – #YouWowMe 22 | Liam Crotty Photography

The Miami Art Scene’s Kat Wagner – #YouWowMe 22


The Miami Art Scene’s Kat Wagner

 The Bakehouse Arts Complex is truly a nucleus of interesting & creative Miamians.  While visiting artist Dana Donaty, I met Miami Art Scene editor Katerina “Kat” Wagner who was interviewing Dana for an upcoming article.  Kat & Dana were having a compelling conversation about art, Miami, Wynwood and the diverse people involved.  I found myself uncontrollably drawn into this conversation completely forgetting why I had an appointment with Dana.

Kat is one of those people I could listen to and/or talk with for hours.  She exudes enthusiasm and zeal for everything she discusses and can segway from topic to topic with such ease that they all are interconnected.  When I asked Kat where this incredible zest for life came from, she explained “I’m like a hummingbird.  I’m so fast.  And I’m fascinated by words.  I guess it’s my Greek heritage.  I’m really a philosopher at heart.  Socrates is my hero.  You know, the un-examined life is not worth living.”

When I asked her about inspiration and whether it can be taught, she responded “I hope so.  Inspiration comes from feelings and inspiration causes good things to happen not negative.”

And when I asked Kat who has inspired her, she quickly replied that Tony Goldman — the late real estate developer and one of Miami’s most prominent arts patrons — inspired her by his vision for Wynwood.

Kat is the 22nd subject in my next photography exhibit  #YouWowMe –  the first-ever photography project to combine portraiture and personal words of inspiration which are passed to the next person — i.e. a “pay it forward” of inspirational photography.

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